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Liquid soap dispensers

Novoplast Liberec s.r.o. - plastic packaging and product manufacture-.

We will design and produce plastic crates, plastic bottles, caps and toys.
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Liquid soap dispensers

Dávkovače na dezinfekci a dezinfekční gel.

Liquid soap dispensers:
  • Large liquid soap dispenser
  • Small liquid soap dispenser
  • White / smoke container colour

Technical bottles

Technické lahve na dezinfekci s uzávěrem.

BTechnical bottles:
  • Bottles for distilled water
  • Bottles for windscreen washers
  • Bottles for construction chemicals
  • Bottles for household chemicals

Plastic crates

Plastic crates

Plastic crates:
  • Bakery crates
  • Confectionery crates
  • Crates for the meat industry
  • Crates for the automotive industry
  • Handling crates
  • Crates for home use

Plastic buckets

Plasty kbelíky.

Food buckets with lids:
  • Small bucket 5.7 l.
  • Large bucket 12 l.
  • Large choice of colours.

Plastic bottles for food

Vývoj a výroba plastových potravinářských obalů.

Food bottles:
  • Production of plastic bottles
  • PE, PP materials
  • Large choice of colours

Plastic bottle caps

 Uzávěry pro plastové lahve.

Plastic bottle caps:
  • Screw caps with induction foil
  • Snap-on caps with a lock
  • Caps for technical bottles with a protection lock
  • Choice of colours according to the customers specification

Production and assembly of toys

Production and assembly of toys

Production and assembly of toys
  • Processing of a project including drawing documentation
  • Production of a model
  • Production of moulds
  • Assembly of the product
  • Packaging and shipment to the customers