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Novoplast Liberec – plastic containers, packaging, bottles

  • Technology plastic injection

  • Plastic blow molding technology

  • Technology design and production tools for plastic

  • Production of packaging for the food industry

  • Manufacture of crates, storage crates and cages for poultry

  • Production of packaging for cosmetics and chemistry housing

Novoplast Liberec company is engaged in the manufacture of plastic products. Novoplast company was founded in July 1990. The company handles over 2,000 tons of plastics a year. The most used plastics are polyolefins, especially polyethylene and polypropylene. The company employs approximately 100 employees in continuous operation.

The main production program are plastic containers of various kinds. Assortment consists of bottles for ketchup and other seasonings, bottles and other products for cosmetic, chemical and food industries, crates bakery, confectionery and other handling crates, cages Krmítkana live poultry, pet feeders, baby controllable Krmítkabeans, baby baths, laundry baskets , buckets, cans, parts for the automotive industry and other small products. The bottles, of course, also produced a large number of closures. Many products leaving our company is protected industrial designs and patents. Upon request we provide customers the products and printing products are provided with customer’s logo. The products are manufactured in large quantities colors.


Stroj VA 123In connection with the nature of products manufactured in the company applied two technologies of production of plastic products: injection molding and blow molding. Machinery consists of injection molding machines type CS (from 47/32 to type 4700/800), machine Battenfeld 1000/525 and BT Engel EC 7050/750K machine and blow molding machines, VA3, VA123 (pictured) and VA116



Our company uses to manufacture its products of modern technology that at least environmentally friendly and comply with environmental requirements on current market supply technologies in plastics processing – it is a component manufacturing company philosophy Novoplast Liberec.


Novoplast brand on the market long enough to examine our ability to comply with rules and agreements with our customers – Novoplast Liberec is a reliable, long-time supplier of plastics processing and manufacturing plastic products



Quality Product Novoplast Liberec is the basic criterion in addition to price, the fulfillment makes long-term cooperation with our customers. The company is certified ISO Novoplast for plastics processing and production of plastic containers, crates and bottles. Quality is our priority in relation to our customers.

Certifikace ISO



Novoplast Liberec s.r.o.
Lučanská 53
46015 Liberec XXIX - Kunratice
Czech republic

Tel. : +420.482 429 911
Fax : +420.482 429 912
ID: 28679709
VAT ID: CZ28679709
GPS: 50°45'11.161"N, 15°6'56.352"E

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